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renew, refresh and restore home, auto and marine upholstery.

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“The Upholstery Place is tucked in among several other businesses, so they're a bit hard to find, but the work they do is well worth the effort!"  

- Victoria S.

You have several really cool pieces of furniture and you love them all equally. The problem is they're all so different. They couldn't possibly occupy the same room and look good doing it. The Upholstery Place says, "we'll see about that." We are proud to be one of Orange County's leading home decor consultants. We have a proven track record in helping pull together seemingly ill-matched pieces into one cohesive, chic look for homes and offices. Maybe it's just a matter of reupholstering one piece, or all of them. Our design consultants have an uncanny knack for making things work when no one else can!

Someday, they'll be together

  -   Coordinate colors

  -   Coordinate fabric textures

  -   Harmoniously blend vintage and contemporary looks

  -   Selection of curtains, draperies and window treatments

  -   Creative use of accessories to coordinate different colors

Joining forces

If reupholstering an entire room of furniture isn't an option, that isn't a problem for The Upholstery Place! Like jewelry, scarves or belts can balance an outfit, we can use curtains, pillows, and other accessories to balance a room full of different-looking pieces. Call for your free estimate today!

Color coordination: